Today, as I write this, it is Nov. 11th. It is  still a few weeks before you will read this, so a belated Happy Veterans Day to all that served our great Nation! And a very special Happy 245th Birthday to all the jarheads out there, as Nov. 10, 1775, at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA, was the day the Marine Corps was born.

I want to thank everyone who sent me emails in reference to my article in last month’s issue of The VHA Voice. The responses were very encouraging and positive. It’s nice to know that so many of you feel the same way I do.

In October’s Voice I had asked for volunteers willing to help collect mail at your local mail stations. I received some responses with offers to help, which I greatly appreciate. However, as I recently upgraded electronic devices, some of your emails seemed to have vanished during the transfer and I can’t find them anywhere. So hopefully those of you that kindly offered to help are reading this and will contact me again so we can make plans to meet and I can give you the keys to the VHA mailboxes.

I did manage to connect with Mr. Joe Ricciardi who lives in the Village of Bradford and has volunteered to get the mail from Chitty Chatty, Bradford and the new Village of Hawkins. I could also use a helper to check the mail at the Everglades and Cattail postal complex and another volunteer for Riverbend and Swallow Tail. So, if anyone who lives in the Marsh Bend or Linden areas wants to assist in checking the VHA mailboxes, please contact me (hopefully I won’t lose your email.) A few minutes every week or two is all it takes and you’d be providing a very helpful service to our community.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make our life here in The Villages better, please write it down and put it in one of The VHA mailboxes at the postal centers. The VHA is the only homeowners’ group that has regular communication with the developer and we can present your questions or concerns to them. Also, if anyone may be interested in becoming more involved with The VHA, please let me know. I need an assistant Vice President, some neighborhood representatives, and people just willing to volunteer a few times a year at our VHA functions helping to get people checked in at the door. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and help spread the word of The VHA! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and will have a safe and joyous holiday season ahead!