Greetings! As I was beginning to put together this month’s article, the January Voice arrived.  Inside was a great piece written by our Past President, Fred Briggs.  If you have not read it, you should.  However, he unknowingly hijacked what I was going to write about this month.  In a portion of Fred’s piece, he wrote about our Value Proposition.  These items are opportunities that add value to being a member.  They are worth repeating:

  • Communication Opportunities – Providing civil discourse on community issues.
  • Social Opportunities – Enjoying time together.
  • Educational Opportunities – Learning new ideas and skills
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Enhancing the wellbeing of the community.
  • Philanthropic Opportunities – Helping those in need.

When you look at these, I think many of you will see that they may look like those of other professional and/or fraternal organizations many of us belonged to during our working careers. As a former active Rotary International member, I recognize these as the same opportunities that our members valued and, in turn, these opportunities translated directly into the betterment of our communities. It is easy to see how these opportunities are as good for the individual member as they are for the whole community. 

Many of the VHA programs provide overlapping opportunities.  Think about the VHA Hoedown.  What a great setting that provides social, educational, volunteer, and philanthropic opportunities. 

While 2020 curtailed our ability to get together as we would like, we hope that 2021 will provide more opportunities.

Every Rotarian can quickly recite the Four-Way Test of the things we think, say, or do. In a similar way I plan to make these opportunities a part of my everyday vocabulary and work these into all my dealings with the VHA.

If you are reading this and are not a VHA member, please consider joining.  But even beyond joining, volunteer with the VHA. I am always amazed by the talents and experiences that people bring when they move to The Villages.  If you have an interest in marketing, IT/technical, teaching, assisting with administrative duties (much of which can be done from home) or helping with greeting and assisting at educational programs, we have opportunities for you.  Contact me or any VHA officer.

Stay healthy and safe!
John Dean