Email Safety Tips: The District is aware of emails that residents have received, inclusive of official District logos, requesting contributions to a charity account and to update “membership”. As a government entity, there is a significant amount of information that is available to the public and it is unfortunate that individuals leverage that in an effort to gain access to personal information. As a reminder, the District will never prompt you to provide banking information, change a password or contribute funds to a charity via email. If you do receive an email that you are not expecting which requests you to click on a link or download information, it very likely is a phishing attempt. (For more information on identifying phishing scams, visit the district website’s weekly bulletin from April 22, 2021). 

DISTRICT WEEKLY BULLETIN: Do you want to stay up to date on what is happening in the various departments within the District? On the District website’s Home Page, on the left-hand side, is a menu with District Weekly Bulletin as an option. Current, valuable, and pertinent information is available weekly, including closures for maintenance, frequently asked questions and answers, committee vacancies and applications, and much more.

All District Government Committee Meetings (CCD, PWAC, Amenity Authority, Architectural Review, etc.) with dates, times, and locations, are available on the website. 

Media Release Info: Participation in clubs, activities and events throughout The Villages® community may be photographed and recorded. Participant, by engaging in the activity, irrevocably consents to be photographed and recorded and grants The Villages of Lake-Sumter, Inc. and its successors, assigns and licensees the right to publish and use such photographs and recordings for informational, advertising, marketing, and similar purposes.

“In Our Efforts To Keep The Recreation Facilities In Optimal Condition:” Check the District Website and watch for this phrase under “What’s Happening” for recreational facility closures for maintenance for each District. Additional closure schedules for maintenance, construction, and upgrades, etc. are also included. 

Camp Villages Summer 2021: Whether your grandkids live nearby or are coming for a visit, mark your calendars for the upcoming summer Camp Villages program. This year’s activities begin June 7th and continue through August 6th. The camp brochure, with details regarding activities, age recommendations and registration information, will be available early May. Be sure to check and the weekly Recreation & Parks publication for further updates on all Camp Villages activities.

This is just a sampling of what our district government provides in theway of information for residents of our hometown on its website.

Editor’s Note: While we try to publish the most accurateinformation available to us at the time of publication, due to circumstances beyond our control some events may need to be cancelled or postponed. Please confirm with the source of the information provided if there is any doubt about whether or not an event is still being held as planned.