1. A. VHA Neighborhood Representative Job Description:
  • Act as the primary interface between the VHA and residents of “The Villages.”
  • Be one of the first friendly faces to greet new residents. Provide a driveway “Welcome to the Neighborhood” introduction package as an informal introduction to the VHA.
  • Be a problem solver and where possible using resources available, direct the resident to a source such as the VCDD Customer Service for a solution to their problem, or escalate it to the Regional Director/Area Vice President if it is something that cannot be resolved on an individual or local level.
  • Be the “go to” person in their Village/Villa community when a resident needs to know who to contact or where to go to enable them to obtain accurate answers to questions or to obtain directions to businesses/governmental offices.
  • Be willing to attend meetings and/or training sessions provided by the VHA or local businesses/government departments and to disseminate accurate information to the residents, thereby dispelling rumors and uncertainty.
  • Be willing to support the efforts of the VHA Directors, Area Vice Presidents, Board of Directors and Officers in their efforts to move the VHA forward and improve its effectiveness.
  • Be dedicated to supporting the VHA Mission of preserving and enhancing the value of our homes and “The Villages” lifestyle.