Quick Facts about Mike Crimi

Born: In 1963 in East Orange, NJ, moved to Marion County in 1977, lived here ever since.

Education: 1981 – Lake Weir High School Graduate; 1982 Florida State Fire College Certified Firefighter and Smoke Diver Graduate; 1983-84 Central Florida Community College Associates of Arts and EMT/Paramedic Program Graduate; 1992 the University of Florida Bachelors in Health-Related Profession/Physician Assistant Graduate; 1994 the University of Nebraska Masters in Medicine Degree Graduate

Military: Served as a U.S. Army Combat Medic and graduated with Distinguished Honors.

Profession: Physician Assistant and successful Business Owner for over 22 years in Marion County.

Languages: English and Spanish

Volunteer Services: Marion County Volunteer Firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic in the early 1980s. Currently volunteers at The Veteran Village in Ft. McCoy and treats those Veterans who are in need of medical services. Veterans Council. Serves on the advisory boards of Taylor College and Marion Technical College and is a Preceptor site for their students. Assistant Professor and Preceptor for the University of Florida Physician Assistant program, University of South Florida Nurse Practitioner Program and South University Nurse Practitioner Program. I also support the Women’s Pregnancy Center and several local small churches.

Family: I am blessed to have 3 children and 3 grandchildren, all who live and work in Marion County.

Website: www.electmikecrimi.com Facebook: http://fb.me/crimiforcommission


I am Mike Crimi, and together with you the citizens I want to make Marion County great again. In my lifetime I have been blessed to serve my country and my community. As an Army Veteran, I started serving my country in 1986, and for the last nine years, I have had the opportunity to continue helping many men and women who served before me. Every Friday I have the privilege to provide patient care to the underserved veterans in the VFW Veterans Village in Ft. McCoy. I am so committed to helping the Veterans in Marion County that when I am elected to the county commission I will donate 30% of my salary back to our local veteran organizations that are dedicated to our heroes.

            With my business and medical background, and extensive education I will work hard and do what is needed to save the taxpayers money. I will provide ways to enhance the county road and building departments. Currently, a permit takes several weeks to be approved, where our neighboring counties takes less than a week. I will keep our first responders’ salaries at competitive levels with surrounding areas by budgeting the proper resources and avoiding heavy taxation if at all possible. Working together to find solutions to the issues is how we can start making needed changes.

            I believe in term limits – eight years is enough. Unlike my opponent, I will not seek a third term if I am unable to make cost-saving changes for the taxpayers of Marion County. A servant of the people would step aside and allow someone with a new, fresh perspective to take charge. It is time for a true conservative leader with an education and a successful business background to take Marion County into the future.

            I am Mike Crimi, and can be reached at any time via my cell phone at (352) 427-8680 or email at http://www.electmikecrimi.com