My name is Ken Lieberman and I’m running for District 10 Board of Supervisors, Seat 2. My wife and I live in the Village of Hillsborough. I have served in every community in which I’ve lived. My service includes: 8 years elected Town Councilor, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT and Volunteer Ambulance Chief.

I’m seeking to serve in District 10 because we love it here.  My primary objective is protecting our property value. Property value takes the form of several factors; our cost to live here, maintaining our home’s value, keeping up with district landscaping, infrastructure, and ensuring we are paying our fair share towards jointly owned assets here in The Villages.  I’ll take a deep look into each of the above to ensure we are managing our district in a cost-effective way.

Would you like to know more?  Please call me and we can grab a coffee to discuss. My number is (352) 391-2450 or check out/join my campaign Facebook page.