Requirements for becoming a VHA Neighborhood Representative:

  1. Be a VHA member in good standing. Must have submitted an application and had a personal interview by the Regional Director or Assistant Regional Director and have the approval of the Regional Vice President.
  2. Must attend a CDD Orientation and Resident Academy.
  3. Must have access to email and be willing to access it at least every other day except for periods of vacation or other absences from “The Villages.” Must agree that their phone number and email address will be published as a means of contact by residents.
  4. Neighborhood Representatives should attend the following classes/training session in order to gain the knowledge required to effectively represent their constituency.
    • CDD
      • District Board Meeting
    • VHA
      • General Meetings
      • Any VHA sponsored meeting
      • Designated Training Meetings.
      • Golf Cart Safety Clinic
      • New Resident Night
      • Board/Town Hall Preparation Meeting and the subsequent Town Hall Meeting
      • Board of Directors Meeting as an observer
    • Citizens Academy for your County of residence