Jason Paynter was born into a large family in the summer of 1969 in Harrisburg, PA. Shortly after his birth the family moved to rural Leesburg. One of 6 brothers, with working parents, Jason learned at a young age the value of hard work, and taking care of those around him. As a teenager Jason Paynter worked construction with his father, and was involved in community outreach through his Church where he learned the importance of public service.

            After graduating high school Jason Paynter craved a career where he could work with the public, and make a genuine difference in community members’ lives. Jason and his wife started their family of 5 at the same time Jason began his 25+ year career in law enforcement.  Jason has graduated from multiple courses in Executive Command and Officer Development administered by Florida State University, and the University of Louisville. As Jason’s girls grew up, so did his career ultimately moving from road patrol to retiring from Tavares Police Department as Lieutenant, administering the daily operations of the Department and reporting directly to the Chief. Jason’s successful career in law enforcement while raising a family can be attributed to his ability to communicate across multiple entities without losing sight of the end customer, our community.

Jason Paynter, like so many Villagers, wanted an active “retirement” and was excited for new opportunities. In this spirit Jason was hired to lead a large electrical services company, Electrical Works of Florida, revamp processes, and allow the company to service more customers. Jason Paynter’s foundation of Public Administration translated nicely to Business Development allowing for targeted staff studies to identify resource and procedural inefficiencies. Jason Paynter’s addition to Electrical Works increased the company’s bottom line, while reducing service times, and increasing the # of customers serviced.

Jason Paynter has proven himself a true public servant, serving the Lake County community faithfully for over 25 years.  Although Jason’s success in the private sector reinforces his prowess with effective, efficient, and fair administrative practices Jason’s heart yearns for direct public service. For years Jason Paynter has protected our lives and property in Lake County, and now he is asking for your support to protect your records.