Jane Moerlie


Bachelor of Science in Law                                                     Suriname, SA                                                          

Construction Management Certification                                 New York, NY

Life Health and Annuity License                                                    Ocala, FL

Business Insurance Certification                                American College PA


Insurance Agent, I listen, ask probing questions to identify one’s needs and concerns and offer solutions

Excellent knowledge of budget constraints, cost control and the value of long and short-term planning

Working knowledge of construction specifications and bidding processes

Knowledge of legal documents, legal research, and accountability


Board Member of the India Association of Central Florida

Past Board Member of RAMAL

Volunteered at the Marion County Literacy Council

Past member of the Family Outreach Network

Leadership Team Business Networking International

Ambassador: Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership

Member of the REC

Volunteer of the Freedom Health Clinic

I am originally from Suriname, a small country in South America. My family did not have wealth and fame, we did have a loving mother. A mother that values hard work, honesty, love, treating others fairly and attention to education. All the things that I have tried to instill into my children and now my grandchildren.

From my humble beginnings, through losing my husband, raising three children, struggling financially last decade, to becoming a highly esteemed health insurance agent and business owner, I know the value of self-discipline.  I know the positive results that come with setting reasonable goals and working towards their attainment.

So, what can I do to help ensure the success of new generations of Marion County children? To overcome adversity, I had to learn how to identify problems and how to solve them. It takes more than talk and warm cozy feelings. It takes the ability to analyze what are the causes and the need to work with others to enact positive change. I have that. I also have the responsibility to my own grandchildren as well as to the children of this county to offer myself to the betterment of my community.

I promise that I will do my very best not to let you down. I am prepared to do the hard work, the work that is necessary to help turn our education system around.  It is my belief that students that become teachers have a passion for learning. They know the value of an excellent education, know how to motivate young minds on how to think and do so because they love children. And I believe they will do this if they are allowed.

Jane Moerlie for Marion County School Board District 4