Prior conditions?
Last summer, Tom and Lucy were facing serious health issues. Lucy spent time in the hospital and then was transferred to rehab. She was eager to go home, but Tom knew it would be a challenge. Even if Lucy was well enough to be home, she would need a lot of attention, and Tom wondered how he would be able to get it all done. He didn’t have a good plan for meals.

Discover the program?
An acquaintance mentioned Operation Homebound to have meals delivered to their home. Tom knew this could really make a difference in how they recovered.

Did OHB meals help?
Tom and Lucy enrolled in meals right away and made a huge difference. Tom said, “You guys were there when we needed help. I don’t have the words to express our sincere appreciation.”

What are your plans now?
Tom and Lucy’s story ends very well. They both began feeling better and began cooking for themselves.  They enjoy planning meals once again and are proud to be on their own. The staff at Operation Homebound has kept their record open, so in case things should take a turn for the worse, they can be put back on meal delivery quickly.

Tom and Lucy would like to say “Thank You!” to the VHA Community Foundation for the grant they provided to Operation Homebound. When they were clients, they were fortunate enough to have the resources to pay for their meals. Tom says the scholarship grants mean some clients are going to get healthy food, just like they did, even if they can’t afford to pay. A wonderful program.

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