How do you spot a scam?  Listen to how someone tells you to pay:


In a recent consumer alert published by the Federal Trade Commission, we learned the best way to make a clean getaway from a scam is “Listen to how they tell you to pay!”

If they say: “Pay us by putting money on a gift card and then give us the number on the back.” – That is a SCAM.

If they say: “We’ll send you a check. Deposit the check and then send us the money.” – That is a SCAM. (That check will later turn out to be bogus and you will be on the hook for the money)

If they say: “You have to pay us by sending money through a money transfer company, like MoneyGram or Western Union.”  – That is a SCAM.

If they say: “Go to a store with a cryptocurrency ATM, put your money in to buy cryptocurrency, and use this QR code to send it to this address.” – That is a SCAM.

Scammers have lots of stories about why you need to pay – like pretending they’re calling from the government, a business, utility, tech company, or even a charity.  Or, they’ll call about a family emergency or a relative who is in trouble. Or, they’ll call about a virus you have on your computer that needs to be fixed.

No matter what reason they use, they will pressure you to act immediately, and of course, pay them money!  When they do, hang up and avoid being scammed.  It’s a simple as that!

For more information on how to avoid being scammed, contact your nearest Seniors vs. Crime office:

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  • Fruitland Park Office – (352) 674-1882. 10A – 2P
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