I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy 4th of July! It is a fun time to celebrate with family, friends, and neighbors, eat hot dogs, and have a cold beverage. It is also a time that we must be aware of the more than 50,000 veterans who live in our community. It is impossible to determine the number of these veterans and others who have suffered traumatic injuries or may be suffering from PTSD.

A gym friend recently asked me about the rules for fireworks in our community. Yes, fireworks are legal in our community. Yes, as individuals, we can celebrate the July 4th holidays with some bang and pop!

I only request that you are aware of those in your neighborhood who may be suffering from PSTD. Please be aware that pets can also be frightened by loud noises.

Be a great neighbor, and be kind.

Peter Russell
VHA President