I am the current Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, having been appointed

by Governor Rick Scott.  In his letter of appointment, Governor Scott expressed his “utmost

confidence” in my “ability to serve with excellence and distinction.”  I believe the Governor’s

confidence in my abilities was based upon my qualifications, including my education,

experience, and judgment.

For the seven years prior to my appointment by the Governor, I was the Senior Chief Deputy

Clerk in charge of Clerk operations.  During that time, I implemented a variety of efficiencies,

resulting in a savings of over one million dollars, with a 25% reduction in staff, all while also

improving customer access to court records.  Those efficiencies included becoming the first

Clerk’s office in Florida to allow electronic filing of court documents, and one of the first to

accept electronic property records.  The Office was also among the first in the State to give

citizens the ability to view court records via the internet, thereby eliminating the need to travel to

the Courthouse.

More recently, I spearheaded the effort in Lake County to improve efficiencies in the area of

public safety by implementing the electronic filing of traffic citations, which allows law

enforcement officers to efficiently transmit citation information to the Office from their vehicles,

allowing those officers to spend more time on patrol rather than doing paperwork.   I am now in

the process of installing new advanced automation technology to further increase cost savings.

While working to reach new levels of efficiency, I have never lost sight of the fact that the

Office uses your money.  As Comptroller, I manage 150 million dollars of Lake County citizens’

money on a daily basis, and also ensure 260 million dollars of County expenditures each year are

proper and authorized.  I take this oversight role extremely seriously.

Due to the same diligence and commitment to excellence I bring to saving and managing the

money of Lake County citizens, the Office has earned the national Government Financial

Officers Association (GFOA) award for excellence in financial reporting each year for the last

39 years.  In addition, the Office has also earned the GFOA award for excellence in budget

presentation each year for the last 26 years.

I am also the record keeper for the Court, the Official Record keeper for Lake County, and the

issuer of marriage licenses and passports in Lake County.

I am a 4 th  generation Floridian, raised in Lynn Haven, Florida, by my father Howard, an

electrician, and my mother, Ethel, a grocery store cashier.  My parents were hard workers who

encouraged me to earn a Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration in accounting from

Stetson University and a law degree from the University of Florida.  I have been a resident of

Lake County since my marriage to my wife, Carla in 1984.

While proud of my achievements in public life, the greatest sources of pride for Carla and me are

our children: Tyler, a paramedic and Marine Corps officer; Jourdan, a medical doctor practicing

in Pittsburgh; and, Madison, a first-year law student at Florida State University.

I will continue to work hard to earn their respect and the respect of Lake County citizens.