It’s that time of the calendar year when our municipal Fiscal Year is drawing to a close.   The Fiscal Year ends on September 30, 2020.  As such, Departmental Staff begins wrapping up projects, contractors are finalizing service invoices and vendors are closing out paperwork.   Each and every month, our Finance Director, Anne Hochsprung, provides a review of revenues and expenditures at the Community Development Districts Board Meetings. Community Development District Board Supervisors monitor any fluctuations by line item and discuss these Financial Reports.

Residents can follow the revenues, expenditures, and reserves for the District via These Financial Reports are attached to each Board agenda.   As separate political subdivisions of the State of Florida, each Community Development District is governed and its finances are specific only to that District.  Even though we all think of The Villages as a seamless place to live, work, and recreate, each District’s finances are completely separate.  Our third-party District financial audits ensure all stakeholders, Board Supervisors, residents, bondholders, etc. that the financial data presented is accurate.  The District prides itself on transparency and accountability.