VHA March 2022 Message:

I hope that everyone who sees this has read the District Manger’s message in the Daily Sun on Thursday the 17th, or if not you can read it at the District Website called “A message from the District Manager – Pipe Replacement and Infrastructure.” It answers so many of the fallacies and rumors that exist regarding systems and construction in The Villages.

I have never understood the Gadflies that frequent the local social media sites, and are frequently commenting on the stories found on the online news. Not only are many of them annoying, constant critics of everything that goes on in The Villages, much of the time they are consistently wrong having not done the research necessary to know factual truth. Much of their criticism is based on rumor and usually tinged with a bit of jealously and/or envy. It’s also based on the idea that their anonymity on social media allows them to say anything.

A perfect example of people wearing themselves out by jumping to conclusions that are blatantly wrong is the number of people, and in some cases, organizations spreading the rumor that the “Developer” filed, or caused complaints to be filed against two (2) County Commissioners for violating the State of Florida Sunshine Law. They were subsequently removed from office by the Governor, and when the people who actually filed the complaints came forward and vigorously stated that they had no contact with the Developer, I didn’t see one retraction from any of the false accusers.

Sadly, the debunked information seems to linger out there and continues to confuse readers that have not been apprised of the true facts. In some cases, it’s a rumor, sometimes a “would be” politician searching for a cause to make themselves relevant, and in others a misstatement that never gets corrected by someone who should know better.

I would encourage you to think carefully before you accept what is out there as factual without considering if it is accompanied with indisputable facts.

Another way to determine facts from fiction is to go on the VHA website under

Town Hall and submit your question, and the VHA will do the research for you by either finding the answer and replying directly to you or by submitting it to our partners and publishing the answer in The Voice after our Quarterly Town Hall Meetings.

Fred Briggs, Past President of the VHA