Ed Wilson is running for Marion County School Board District 3.  Mr. Wilson has lived in Marion County for 37 years.  He and his wife Donna have been married for 32 years.  They are blessed to have four adult age children and nine grandchildren.  Mr. Wilson was a Scout leader for eight years and coached co-ed softball for thirteen years.

Ed Wilson has been a General Contractor in Marion County for over thirty years.  He served the Marion County Building Industry Association as a board member and then as Treasurer.

Ed Wilson has been working to improve education for many years both locally and at the state level.  He has made many trips to Tallahassee over the past 12 years, at his own expense, to improve our public education system and to protect our rights.  He works with groups like Florida Citizens Alliance and Americans For Prosperity to increase his effectiveness and influence.  Mr. Wilson is known by our elected officials as being politically active, fair, respectful and passionate about improving K12 education.

Ed Wilson believes that our schools must be safe places to learn, work and visit.  He will work diligently to explore all options for making and keeping everyone on our campuses safe.  He also supports the Guardian Program.

Ed Wilson believes that parents know what is best for their children and should have more options for their children’s education.  He supports School Choice and vocational training.

As a businessman, Ed Wilson knows the importance of being fiscally responsible, especially with tax dollars.  His experience as a General Contractor will enable him to find and cut wasteful spending in maintenance and construction projects.  His experience working with budgets will help him to look for wasteful spending in all areas of the Marion County Public Schools budget.  Mr. Wilson will insist that we focus on moving more of the spending to the classrooms and using our tax dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Ed Wilson also believes that we need to support, respect and honor our teachers.  We trust them with our children and the work they do is very important.  He thinks that teachers should not be expected to carry the full burden of preparing our youth to enter society.  We need members of our community to volunteer, to mentor and to tutor some of the children living in difficult situations that may need extra help.

Ed Wilson says, “Every child is a precious gift from God and deserves ample opportunity to achieve their full potential.  After all they are the future.”