I have been a CCD-10 Supervisor and a member of the Project Wide Advisory Committee for the last four years, taking on these important roles shortly after moving to The Villages in 2014.  Recognizing that, as a resident of this community, there is a fundamental responsibility placed upon each of us to engage, to the extent of our abilities, in the betterment and wellbeing of the community at large and it is to this principle that I took on these important responsibilities.  My purpose in serving the residents of our community continues is the preserving and improving of our quality of lifestyle and the community with fiscal responsibility and restraint, both long and short term.

Serving the community in The Villages is a natural extension of what I’ve done my entire life and is fostered by the skills and principals that are installed in me.  Growing up on Air Force bases around the world I knew early on that service to country was to be in my future.  Even before completing high school I committed to joining the Navy and taking on some of the most challenging responsibilities, operating a nuclear reactor onboard a submarine. For over 20 years I served our country in a profession that demanded unparalleled attention to detail and a level of integrity to ensure the safety of the crew, the ship, and ultimately of our country.  After retiring from the Navy I went to work in the construction industry working as a Project Manager and running multi-million dollar projects for nearly 20 years with Johnson Controls.  Here again, attention to detail and a pragmatic approach to problem solving, planning, and execution were essential for success.  During my tenure I was recognize multiple times for exceptional performance including Project Manager of the Year two years in a row based on sustained superior financial performance and customer satisfaction.

Prior to moving to The Villages, I was President of the Skyway Terrace Home Owners association for six years.  During my time as president I was able to achieve an 11% reduction in annual assessments through aggressive pursuit of cost reductions for services and a 70% reduction in delinquencies by working with the residents to establish more flexible and achievable payment terms.

Translating my experience for use as a District Supervisor these last for years has enabled me to take an objective, logical, and yet compassionate approach to business and many issues that arise.  Not every issue has an easy solution but all have to be addressed with the best long term resolution for the community and the residents as a whole.  Being willing and able to stand up to the press, a noisy minority, the “me too” crowd, and the rising mob mentality that has become so prevalent in our society takes courage and integrity that I have repeatedly demonstrated.

The purchase of the amenities and amenities contracts from the Developer by SLCDD was meet by many questions from residents and Supervisors alike, I especially had a great many questions and concerns after reading the hundreds of pages of published documents.  Only two other Supervisors and I attended the meeting that authorize the purchase of these critical community assets.  I called for a delay in the purchase so that residents and the CDD boards could be better informed and called for PWAC to have an authority instead of advisory role in the management of these assets.  All of my requests were dismissed by the SLCDD board.  When Resolution 17-11 was put before the PWAC to take on the additional advisory responsibilities for amenities no other Supervisor recognized that the residents had no avenue of redress should PWAC and SLCDD were to disagree on a course of action.  I pushed for and we received from SLCDD the requirement to hold a joint meeting with SLCDD in the event of disagreement to resolve these disagreements.  This is a significant victory for all the residents and our abilities to control the direction of our amenities.

Commitment and integrity, no matter how difficult, uncomfortable, or time consuming the task, are essential in being an effective leader in the community.  I have a proven record and will continue to serve our wonderful community.