Technology Driven Communication

Maintaining a high level of communication between the District and our residents is essential — we strive to serve as an accurate source of information for our residents so that they’re knowledgeable and informed on topics that matter to them. With the wide variety of services we provide and the many functions we serve, it’s integral that we have proper systems in place to disperse that information to the community.

The District is always looking for new ways to connect with residents and enhance our methods of communication. From participating in speaking engagements, podcast episodes, radio segments, and newspaper articles, we are committed to providing important information across multiple platforms. The District’s primary method of communication is our website at — where you can locate accurate resources at your fingertips. In an effort to improve and enhance the way we interact with residents and disperse information online, we are working to develop an enhanced District website for residents and members of the public alike to enjoy.  We encourage residents to get involved in their local government and the District website is a valuable online resource that residents can rely on for accurate, up-to-date, and accessible information.

Currently, the website provides access to the District Weekly Bulletin, Community Standards Deed Compliance, E-Billing, E-notifications, Resident Academy, CDD Orientation, District Board meetings, as well as government resources and information regarding community events. Recently added to the website is the ability to pay for your Executive Trail Passes online, or from your mobile device, as this will offer more flexibility and more options for Villagers. With these digital advancements, we look to adapt and evolve in a way that prioritizes both the needs of our residents and the needs of our growing community.

As technology is constantly changing, the District is continuously monitoring how we can provide a better data resource product to The Villages Community.  If you need assistance navigating our website, please contact us at 352-753-4508.

Kenny Blocker,
District Manager