Camp Villages is the Recreation Department’s activity program to keep your grandkids occupied whilst they visit.  This means they will be out-of-your-hair for a few hours.  They will be happily entertained by volunteers who love them almost as much as you do.  They will laugh and have fun doing what kids are supposed to do as they play, plus we add another dimension by teaching them safety and skills on a bicycle.  Yes, they learn something that just might prolong their lives, and your legacy, while they have fun at the Camp Villages Bike Rodeo.

Everyone rides a bike at some time in their lives.  We have three active bike clubs with nearly 1,500 dues-paying members, plus another 60,000 or so casual bicyclists.  We define “casual bicyclist” as someone who has a couple of bikes in the garage that have been gathering dust since moving here from Ohio or some other northern clime.

The bike clubs and Bike Friendly Advocacy Council will sponsor three Camp Villages Bike Rodeos this year.  The dates are:  July 9, July 23, and August 6.  The time is 10:00 a.m. – Noon.  The location is Rohan Regional Recreation Center.  The cost is $10.00 per child.

We provide the bikes for the children, or they can use their own bikes if desired.  We give each child a new, fitted helmet, courtesy of the Florida Department of Transportation and University of Florida Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program.  We even have several “balance bikes” with no pedals that newer riders can use to scoot along and participate. The Recreation Department provides light snacks for the participants.

Our program consists of a short indoor interaction with the kids about safety, plus helmet fitting.  We move outdoors to the roped-off parking lot that has been configured with riding patterns for skills learning.  Before the children begin riding, an instructor leads them through the course.  Volunteers are throughout the course to assist and assure safety.

We start with straight-line riding, signaling, and scanning.  A serpentine and figure-8 layout follow to emphasize scanning, slowing, signaling, and yielding to traffic.  Last is a “Slow Race” for balance in which the winner is the last to cross the finish line.

Bring your grandkids to our class, but hurry to sign up at The Enrichment Academy website,  because we only have twelve slots per session.