“In days of old, when knights were bold and cycles were quite limited,

“They would don their armor and mount their steeds for rides that were primitive.

“Sometimes the knights encountered dragons and foes that challenged their mettle,

“After which they would give thanks for the metal that saved their kettle.”

Today’s Road Knights don special equipment (armor) as protection from the dragons and foes  (e.g., pedestrians, dogs, golf carts, landscapers, trucks, etc.) we encounter in the pursuit of healthy living .  Let’s review:

  • Gird firmly and comfortably in your riding shorts. They have a padded chamois to wick away perspiration, reduce chafing, and provide shock absorption against bumpy roads.
  • Don next a brightly colored jersey. We want to help the dragons and foes see us.  Seniors have declining vision.  Distracted drivers have no vision until they look up from their cell phone texting.
  • Lace your feet into sturdy shoes. If a foot slips off a platform pedal, you can crash.  If wearing flip-flops, you can lose a toe.  Regular cyclists prefer clip-on shoes that truthfully keep their feet on the pedals.
  • Place your properly fitted helmet on your head making certain that it will stay there if you get bucked off your mount. Remember that cycling is for our health, and we want to stay that way even knowing that dragons and foes are out to get us.  That helmet of salvation can truly save your life.
  • Turn on your lights of visibility even in daytime (front and rear) so that the dragons and foes can properly sense your presence. Remember, riding in the light is better than falling in the darkness.
  • Examine your bicycle (Air-Brakes-Chain Quick Check) to make sure that it is prepared to support you in your adventure. Keep your tires properly inflated, oil your chain, make sure your brakes stop you.  High operational availability at the beginning of a ride helps yield reliability and a strong finish.
  • Know the Rules of the Road, for they are the Bicyclists Bible of Survivability. It can protect you from the flaming attacks of the dragons and foes.  Remember that your bike is a legal vehicle in Florida, and you are the driver.
  • Carry a bottle of something to refresh you and keep you vertical.

Now that you have your full “armor” in place, you can mount up and venture out into bicycle land knowing you are as fully prepared as possible to ride, strive, and survive.

by Rose Jordan

Operations Director

Bike Friendly Advocacy Council