Bike Friendly Community Corner


The three Villages bike clubs continue to coordinate and support the Sumter County Sheriff’s Annual Bike Collection and Distribution which has taken place for approximately twenty years.  The goal is twofold; “rehoming” used bikes and providing new bikes during the Christmas season.

The Villages Recreation and Parks Division provides the Lake Miona Regional Recreation Center for the bike club members to gather and work on the bicycles.  Dave Lawrence, the Safety Director for the Bicycle Friendly Advocacy Council, is the leader of the program for The Villages cyclists.  He works closely with Lt. Bob Siemer, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Commander for The Villages. 

Each year the bike club works on approximately 300 bicycles; keeping mechanics clean, restoring gently used bicycles, and assembling new and donated bikes. The SCSO distributes the bikes to grateful recipients.  Some go to children, and some go to adults who need transportation.  Everyone comes away with good feelings after the day’s work.  Our community is served and solidifies its reputation as Florida’s Friendliest Home Town.  

Questions?  Call The Villages SCSO Office at (352) 689-4604 or email Dave Lawrence at [email protected]