As we continue to reopen District activities and facilities resulting from COVID-19, I want to thank you for your patience and cooperation. Your District Government provided updates several times per week as we, just like all other local governments, closed facilities and programs in an attempt to help flatten the curve. Some of the outlets that you could have received information from include the weekly Recreation & Parks publication, postal station bulletin boards, on the District website and through our email notification system, e-Notifications. District Action Plans, CDC guidance, and other helpful tips were posted over the last several months through all of these communication outlets and were provided to your District Boards & Committees during their monthly meetings.

E-Notifications are one of the most effective ways to receive information directly from your District Government. You can sign up to receive these email notifications right on the website. These notifications are also utilized for routine subjects including Precautionary Boil Water Notices, District Board Agendas, and more! In a world in which you can receive information overload, it is important to ensure you are getting accurate information, directly from the source! Today, well over 12,000 email addresses are registered in the District’s e-Notification system, an increase of over 13% from earlier this year.

Speaking of accurate information, if, during your recreational activities, you hear something that may not seem quite right, I urge you to contact us. Often, I speak with residents that may be upset over something they heard or read. A quick conversation to sort out the facts from rumors typically alleviates much of the angst and confusion. A call to the District Customer Service Center at (352) 753-4508, or an email through our website, can clear up many of your concerns. So far this year, the District has received over 18,000 communication inquiries from our Incident Reporting and Feedback system. That is in addition to the numerous emails received by District Staff and Departments daily.

Happy Holidays and we look forward to hearing from you in the New Year!