I was walking my dogs around the block recently when I saw one of our neighbors moving things from his car into his house.  I waved and asked if he was coming back from being gone over the summer.  Quite honestly, our neighborhood is a mix of year-rounders and snowbirds, and we rarely see most of our neighbors enough to know which is which.  Add a pandemic, and our quiet neighborhood has been quieter than usual.

He affirmed that he was indeed returning after being gone for the summer, I welcomed him back, and then continued on my walk, but with a little spring in my fresh eyes, and infuse the winter months with vitality.


  • Know where you are going and how to get there. Download The Villages® app to your phone for GPS, entertainment schedules, etc.
  • Don’t complain about long waits for eating, golf, and clubs since during off-season, it is not a problem.
  • Use your turn signals, watch out for bicyclists, and master roundabouts.
  • Get to know your FROG neighbors.
  • Don’t overindulge and then head home in your golf cart or car at night.
  • Visit to educate yourself on pool rules, what’s happening, how this place is governed and functions, and to access valuable resources to make your stay a good one.  Check out Talk of the Villages at for items for sale, forums, business reviews, and more.
  • Tip generously, and be kind to servers. Be a good guest at the rec centers and in general.
  • Get to know us and what we offer snowbirds at The VHA.  If you need durable medical equipment while here, contact The VHA’s Helping Hands for a loan.  Consider taking our Golf Cart Safety Clinic, and attend our New Resident Night (once it is up and running again).  The more you know about The Villages® lifestyle, the better.

If you are a FROG, consider these tips for Snowbird Season:  Be friendly, neighborly, and patient.  Choose to enjoy the hustle and bustle, and remember, this season, too, shall pass.