February is a busy month, which is good news, and good medicine for the soul in light of what we have all been dealing with this past year.  Between Covid-19 and politics, it will be a nice break to have some holidays and events this month to celebrate without fear or rancor.

First off is the Super Bowl.  Even if you are not a regular football fan, or your favorite team is not playing, it’s a good excuse to have some friends over to watch the game and indulge in some great snacks.   

Next up is Valentine’s Day.  We are never too old to celebrate matters of the heart.  No matter your age, romance has a way of creeping into our thoughts this time of year; whether it’s reminiscing about past loves, celebrating enduring relationships, or imagining new and exciting romantic adventures, our hearts never seem to stop needing a special love that warms us from the inside out.  

Then it’s Presidents’ Day, which was initiated to meld Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays (which we had as two separate days off when we were kids) into one day off, on a Monday, to celebrate whatever president we want to.  In the spirit of neutrality, I will keep my preference to myself, but anyone who knows me knows…….

And last, but not least, it is:

American Heart Month

  • Wear RED on February 5th to raise awareness of women’s heart health.
  • Make heart-healthy choices by watching what you eat, exercising, and following doctor’s orders when it comes to cholesterol and blood pressure. 
  • Visit  for all things related to physical heart health.
  • Guard your “heart” by making wise decisions who you let into yours.


by Jan Palmer