Saturday, February 24, 2018

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Have an old computer that hasn’t booted-up for five years? ls there a flat-screen television monitor built back in the Stone Age (i.e. more than five years old, not ‘smart,’ and without maximum ‘resolution’) that now is taking up scarce storage space? The solution: rather than leaving them curbside for routine garbage pick-up, bring them to the VHA’s Fifth Annual Electronic Recycling Event, Saturday, Feb. 24, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This year’s drop-off location has been changed to the Lake Deaton Plaza’s parking area near Publix.

““By focusing only on the Villages’ residents, we will reduce the number of participants and therefore minimize wait times,” continued Friedland, a five-year resident of the Village of Charlotte. “In fact, donors will be asked to display their Villages’ ID card. We ask that our neighbors living in surrounding communities contact their local government for their recycling program options


Please bring all accepted items to the drop-off area in the parking lot of Publix at Lake Deaton Plaza

Items Accepted:

ü  Video Game Systems/Consoles, Controllers

ü  Camera (Photo/Video Equipment)

ü  Network Equipment (Routers, Modems, Servers, etc.)

ü  Digital TV Boxes (TIVO, Direct TV, etc.)

ü  Stereo Systems (Speakers, Amplifiers, etc.)

ü  Radios, Tape Players

ü  VCR’s, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players

ü  Musical Equipment (Guitar/Bass Amplifiers & Effects, etc.)

ü  All Types of Wire, Cables, Cords, Connectors & Adapters

ü  Microwaves, Small Household Appliances

ü  Commercial Copiers

ü  Fitness Equipment

ü  Batteries, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (personal & network) NO ALKALINE BATTERIES ACCEPTED!

MORE items Accepted:

ü  Flat Screen Monitors

ü  LCD & Plasma TV’s

ü  Computers (Desktops and Laptops)

ü  Computer components (Mice, Keyboards, Speakers, External Drives, Cards, etc.)

ü  Main Frames, Servers, Docking Stations, Network Hubs

ü  Chargers for Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras, etc.)

ü  Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners and Copiers

ü  Toner/Ink Cartridges (contained within equipment or unit)

ü  Telephones, Cell Phones & Desk Phones (and telecom equipment)

ü  MP3 Players, Ipods, etc.

ü  PA Systems, Loud Speakers, etc.

ü  Electronic Circuit Boards and Components

Please note that we DO NOT accept Hazardous Materials such as: HID or Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Liquids of any kind, Fuel-containing devices, Fluid-containing devices, Pressurized Tanks, Radioactive Materials,  CRT TV’s, CRT Monitors, Floppy Disks or CD’s, Alkaline Batteries!















Services are provided by MPact Services, LLC. For more information regarding this event and/or acceptable items, please contact: Matt McCarty @ 813-601-6221, mmccarty1029@gmail.com or visit our website @ www.mpactservicesusa.com.