The Villages Voice - February 2018

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by Joan Testa

AMENITY AUTHORITY COMMITTEE MEETING RECAP   Residents Request:  Residents who play tennis at Paradise Rec Center have requested a change in the lights at the Paradise Tennis Courts because of glare.  Property Management will look into the situation and cost of changing it.   Residents Request:  Because of problems caused by larger dogs not getting along with smaller dogs when they see them through the separation fence at the Springdale Dog Park, residents request some kind of barrier to stop this problem. The District will look into it.   Lions Club Can Collection:  Previous complaint resulted in the Lake Sumter Lions Club promising to collect cans more often from the postal stations, provide more clear markings on the cans for proper usage and the keep the areas more clean.  This having been done lately, the AAC Committee members are pleased with the improvements.   Enrichment Academy Facility Utilization now includes moving some classes to north of Highway 466.   Morse & El Camino:  Use of the area near the lake adjoining hospital property at this intersection is continuing to have constant use by dog owners and their golf carts.  The ground is being rutted and damaged.  The Recreation Department will continue to keep an eye on this land and investigate any possible solutions to the problem.  Dogs and residents are not the problem, golf carts are.  It is not a dog park and never can be designated as a dog park because it is in the flood plain.   Springdale Dog Park:  Resident complaints about this facility not having enough maintenance were discussed by the Committee.  Recreation Director John Rohan stated that the area is constantly checked by staff and for example, poop bags dispensers are refilled daily, yet the bags disappear in large numbers.  Janet Tutt reminded the committee that the AAC funded the construction of this park with a special agreement that it would be policed and managed by residents and if the residents did not maintain it, the District could close the park.  The residents are not policing nor maintaining it.   Joan Testa